Our VW Thing learning how to ski
Rover is one very adventurous girl! She has been in a parade, lead other Things on a scenic drive, went for a boat ride, cruised through a giant redwood tree, wet her tires in a river, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, circumnavigated Crater Lake, sunbathed by a lake with no doors, enjoyed snow skiing, crossed a covered bridge, and been attacked by a prehistoric monster.

During the summer of 1997, Rover took a marathon trip to California, Mexico, Washington, and Canada. She also visited the San Diego Zoo, where she felt right at home.
While in Washington, Rover camped on a soccer field, admired art, climbed a volcano, went for a hike, and attended the 1997 and 1998 Volkfest Kubeltreffen America Northwest (hosted by Things West) where she won several awards and got to socialize with nearly 30 others of her kind.