Our VW Thing

Thank you for visiting the website for our Volkswagen Thing, Rover. We call it the wolfything website because her license plate reads Wolfy to celebrate Wolf Packs, our dog outfitting business.

Rover came to us from a delightful artist, who bought her brand new from a Volkswagen dealership in 1974. As a new car, she was a stock green Type 181. The original owner quickly grew tired of green, so he painted her brown using a 4" wide paint brush and flat, latex house paint. All of her original equipment was included and basically intact, and no major alterations had been made. Internally, she had been well cared for, so we could hardly resist her as a candidate for restoration. We became her second owners in November, 1996. Since we had owned two VW Things before Rover, we knew what to expect from our restoration project.

Aside from providing daily transportation, Rover has taken us on many great adventures in the years we have had her. We share a few of these adventures with you here. We hope you enjoy getting to know our special little car with the big personality.